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Corporate identity of Duna Television

„In nature there is no contradiction.”

Naturalism is the most important value to communicate

As humans we take in our surrounding by converting things to visual elements. The digitalization of television makes this converting process more complex because pixels can be manipulated. The ever-slurring border between illusion and reality can only be verified by the experiences of the viewer. To help deliver a genuine and natural experience, manipulated images and visual clichés should be avoided. The artistic approach should be clear, simple and natural.

Further values to express

The future identity of Duna Television has to exude consistency. Conveying steady values can evoke optimism and hope in the viewers. The identity has to feed from contemporary style yet has to be a step ahead of everything else to engage the viewer and achieve thought provoking yet worthwhile materials.

Today’s digital image processing makes manipulated information seem real. For this reason the image of the television has to become credible. One of the attributes of contemporary style is the increased amount of visual messages communicated. The viewer is used to being bombarded with vast amounts of visual images in short periods of time. This is why it’s important to determine accurately the identity’s emotional message. Besides its intriguing and gripping properties the television’s identity still has to exude calmness.

Being personal

Duna Television means a connection and a form of identification for Hungarians who live in foreign countries all over the world. For this reason it’s important for this television not to become impersonal but rather consciously exemplify humanism. Being personable doesn’t only include the newscasters on screen, but shows through the visual structure and layout of the television. Creating a rich visual world gives opportunities for different ways to receive information (meaning to communicate to different groups of people), to agree or disagree, and to evoke personal attachment for the television among people with different statuses, abilities and inquiries.

About the logo

The logo for Duna Television, due to the possibilities in typography, was created without additional symbols. The already established wave motif that is embedded in the viewers’ mind was mimicked by connecting the letters „u” and „n.” This is not a direct hint; however it helps to make the identification easier. The opened up letters and the softly slanted lines suggest consistency with the rest of the corporate identity.

Colors, fonts and types

An identity shouldn’t be harsh but should retain its calmness, tempo and elegance while not becoming boring. Colors shouldn’t be aggressive rather co-exist with the changes of the seasons or suggest a warm feeling in the viewer by using the opposite colors of the seasons in lighter shades and tones. Images built on naturalism can guide the viewer through the thoughts, values and missions of the television. The identification spots, as the most seen visual elements of the corporate identity, are of great importance. The natural abstraction and transcript appear most vividly in these forms, where content and form fuse together. The graphical forms correspond with the visible forms of nature, and as they transform into one another it reinforces the idea of naturalism once again. The overall feel should be calming which can be reached by accurate timing, editing and a stable composition.

In 2007 I sent my diploma work to the kurzundschön competition and I get the 3th prize of TV design category.

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